As mentioned by the Senior VP of “Mobile, Social and Emerging Platforms” at Warner Brothers, Game of Thrones will be the most expensive mobile game ever developed by Warner Brothers Games.

Following in suit with the successful direction put forth by Electronic Arts, Warner Brothers Games will reach heavily into the mobile sector this year with the release of Mortal Kombat X on mobile, as well as Batman: Arkham Underworld, LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham and DC Comics Legends. Each of these titles however, despite their renown, won’t cost the company quite as much as the new Game of Thrones they are developing.

In a quote by Mr. Ballard, the game of Thrones title which is currently under development at Turbine is still undergoing design changes with a strategy focus.

“It’s still going through changes on the design at this point. That’s the beauty of mobile games, they change a lot over the course of development, and it comes together at the end and you sort of say, ‘wow, that was really amazing how you did that.’ But if you look at it now in bits and pieces, it looks like an automobile in a shop, with the engine over here, the chassis over here and the suspension being worked on over there. There’s a little bit of that going on with Game of Thrones right now.”

“It will probably end up being our highest budget game in our history, just looking at the trajectory of the development. I think it will be, fingers crossed, worthy of the series. It was the only mobile title in the history of Time Warner to ever be mentioned in a conference call by the chief executive, who mentioned it in the earnings call. That got everybody’s attention at Warner, especially at Turbine where they’re doing the game.”

Having released 25 titles on mobile to this point, Warner Brothers Games will bolster their library by 20% this year with the addition of these titles, and with the especial attention to detail we can’t wait to see what comes down to our App/Play Store.