Showcasing Watch Dogs at its finest quality, Ubisoft has released a trailer highlighting the visuals capable while playing Watch Dogs on the PC at launch. Focusing on lighting elements over polygon count, Watch Dogs will have great dynamic shadowing, as well as depth of field on the horizon.

While the visuals may be fantastic on the PC, PlayStation 4 versions of Watch Dogs don’t appear to be working out as well as their original tech demo at E3 last year, and will take a slight dip as compared to this PC demo. Keep in mind that the poly counts on the PlayStation 4 should be just the same as this tech demo, the shadow overlays may not be as profound.

Ubisoft also dropped a listing for the Wii U version of Watch Dogs coming to market, by way of the Uplay store. Though no official launch date has been given, Watch Dogs’ launch on May 27th will not include the Wii U version as it has been slated for Fall of this year. The Wii U version being on delay is a direct reflection of market share, according to Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot.

“[Ubisoft will] focus the team’s resources where they could have the broadest possible benefit for both our customers and Ubisoft.”