Players may no longer be copying the pros in your games with two major reasons in mind – lack of skill and lack of mechanical understanding in League of Legends. The following is an opinion piece article submitted by the community.

We’ve all seen it before. A user you’re playing with is copying an unconventional build in League of Legends. They saw a professional player do so while streaming and decided that the build was “over powered”. Users are falling away from these trends as League of Legends ages, but why? People no longer copy the pros now because the people who were copying them weren’t very good at the game and were looking for that advantage to carry them through ranked. Anyway these pros are pro for a reason and can carry with practically anyone in any situation. It’s not something anyone can do simply with any champion they choose, since a lot of their teams are made to be perfect comps, not OP solo plays. It’s all well and good owning lane in solo queue by mimicking someone, but many people don’t know how to play without making low elo mistakes or getting into the late game with that champion. You will be pretty much worthless to your team and you don’t just become great at powerful champions over night without knowing even the basics to winning games on League, even though it’s hard not to know the basics nowadays.

These people are turning to a new thing which I like to call “Mistake Pooling”. Mistake pooling is choosing a champion with a high mistake ratio! For example top lane Fiora lvl 5 face checks a bush, without dropping wards, 2 people are there hiding and they die. If a top lane Bronze elo Gnar lvl 5 sees the same 2 people while facechecking and walks away, if not kill one too. So basically mistake pooling is the champion’s ability to carry the low elo mistakes that people will make, which in turn removes a lot of chance for the other team to dominate from early exploiting on the opposing team’s mistakes. With the new hold-hand system League has introduced with timers on screen and a jungle that basically forces you to gank, its inevitable that you will start doing better. So all the bad players, as well as those who were already good are switching to this play style as it can clearly carry them out of their tier level hence the bruiser meta strong defense and strong damage. This is why Ahri had been so OP in low elo games now, since she dominates this bruiser style. If you want to do well this season I suggest learning and maining Ahri, Syndra or Cassiopeia, trust me late season will be a breeze if you are looking for a way to dominate low elo games, even some of the higher ones too. Or if you want to stick with the meta then choose them tanky DPSers, they will cover up a lot of mistakes you might make and in some cases you might even come out on top, even with the dumb decisions. Mistake pooling works mainly in low elo, another way to counter people better than you :D. Peace!