With just under 24 hours left to go, PAX Prime is upon us once again. As the premiere convention for the gaming community, PAX serves as the place to play as we get a hands-on with more titles than at any other convention in the world. Here at PowerLeveled we make it a point to get around to as many games as we can, and give you our impressions of the full experience.

As the 2015 convention rolls on, we’ll make sure to keep you connected – so here’s a look at what you can expect from the show [at least what we can tell you about right now]:

On Friday the show gets started, and so do we. While we’re out on the floor enjoying an hour of exclusive press time, we will make our way through the fog of war and into the most popular venues, clearing out the Sony booth – assuming that there is something new and fresh to see. Naturally, we know about Destiny, and the Taken King may make its way there, but you don’t need to know about a title which has its guts spilled for the world every other hour. Instead, we’ll be working on titles with great potential that might be overlooked by the grandeur of the show. Starting out with Runbow, a Wii U exclusive, look forward to coverage of an infinite running party game with a fantastic new dynamic. We’ll be running by the Telltale Games booth in search of a new Minecraft experience as well on Friday, mixing in a ton of fresh content between these two major titles.

Making our way to Saturday, the meat of the busy PAX weekend hits home. We’ll have a hands-on with Eon Altar, a mobile enhanced RPG releasing for the PC and Mac. The Banner Saga 2 and Afro Samurai 2 takes hold next as we adventure through the waves of crowd to bring you the most complete experience at PAX. Look forward to fresh info on Battleborn, including a hands-on experience with the next project from Gearbox Studios. Closing out the day, we’ll have a chat with tinyBuild about their latest projects, and what you can look forward to in the coming year.

Opening on Sunday, it’s time to get to work with the freshly funded KickStarter project Eco. We’ll bring you more on the crowd-producing survival game that pits you not against a zombie, but against the end of the world. Afterward, it’s time to catch up with Deep Silver on the happenings of Homefront. They’ve got a super secret project we’ll discuss also, but don’t tell anyone. The day is fairly free afterword for our indie adventures, leading up to an upcoming PS4 and Steam title, which unfortunately I can’t talk about until PAX starts – but it’s super exciting.

Monday will be our clean up day, where we reach out to visit all the entertaining vendors which we didn’t solidify an appointment with and get ready to close out the show. It’s going to be a great weekend, and we can’t wait to see you there!