In any good game today we exist in a cycle of life – test, release, patch, test. The same is no different when your title has over $70,000,000 in crowd-sourced funding as Star Citizen does.

Released in patch 1.0.1, we’re looking at a few bug fixes that we’ve seen edited into the code on their weekly YouTube program Around The Verse. Along side these basic bug fixes, patch 1.0.1 also features some new weapon modules through Voyager Direct and skins for your “Greycat buggy.” Below is a complete run-down of the patch notes as released by Cloud Imperium Games.


  • Added fuel system to missiles
  • Added IR signal to missiles so they can appear on radar

User Interface:

  • Added UI and HUD overlays to display location of missiles that have been fired
  • Added radar icons to differentiate between friendly and enemy missiles
  • Buggy has been added to the holotable UI
  • Added drag and drop sorting to power management menu (F3) on some ships
  • Added community request to allow ship roll to be bound to mouse input
  • Added community request for invert option for analogue zoom


  • Added new skins for the Greycat Buggy

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