Xur, Agent of the Nine has not been affected by daylight savings and arrived at the Tower an hour later. Nothing to get too excited about this week, but Red Death is out this week and happens to be a good option for health regen on Crota Hard Mode.


Xur is in the Hall of Guardians.

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Is Xûr at the Tower?

Time Zone Arrival Departure
PDT Friday, 2:00 AM Sunday, 2:00 AM
EDT Friday, 5:00 AM Sunday, 5:00 AM
GMT Friday, 9:00 AM Sunday, 9:00 AM
CET Friday, 10:00 AM Sunday, 10:00 AM
AETS Friday, 7:00 PM Sunday, 7:00 PM


Strange Coin Mote of Light

Exotic Gear

Name Type Class Rarity Currency Cost Stats
Insurmountable Skullfort Helmet Titan Exotic SC 13 DIS 108
Knucklehead Radar Helmet Hunter Exotic SC 13 STR 105
Claws of Ahamkara Gauntlets Warlock Exotic SC 13 DIS 55 / STR 60
Read Death Pulse Rifle All Exotic SC 23
Exotic Shard Material All Exotic SC 7
Exotic Engram Material All Exotic MoL 23

Exotic Upgrades

Name Type Class Stats Cost
Mask of the Third Man Helmet Hunter INT 122 7207 G
Lucky Raspberry Chest Armor Hunter INT 160 7393 G
Helm of Saint-14 Helmet Titan INT 124 7841 G
Helm of inmost light Helmet Titan STR 96 7451 G
Light Beyond Nemesis Helmet Warlock STR 126 7159 G
Sunbreakers Gauntlets Warlock INT 93 7549 G
Patience and Time Sniper Rifle All 7561 G
Universal Remote Shotgun All 7027 G
Plan C Fusion Rifle All 7187 G
Red Death Pulse Rifle All 7307 G
Truth Rocket Launcher All 7039 G
Hard Light Auto Rifle All 7669 G


Name Type Rarity QTY Currency Cost
Scout Rifle Telemetry Consumable Basic 5 SC 1
Machine Gun Telemetry Consumable Basic 5 SC 1
Rocket Launcher Telemetry Consumable Basic 5 SC 1
Void Drive Vehicle Upgrade Legendary 1 SC 23
Emerald Coil Vehicle Upgrade Legendary 1 SC 23