Previously available only as a digital download via the Wii U eShop, Nintendo is bringing Wii Sports Club to the home in a new physical disk format.

Successor to the original Wii Sports title shipped with the Wii console, Wii Sports Club will feature tennis, bowling, golf, boxing and baseball – just as the original had once done for the Wii, but will pack on online multiplayer and game pad support for the Wii U console. Still playing out with the same flavor as the former titles, Wii U’s iteration of Wii Sports is a high-definition option for those looking to be challenged from outside the home. While three of the five of these options may be purchased online digitally in your eShop right now, boxing and baseball will hit the home console on disk before their respective launches on the eShop can come to light.

Wii Sports Club will launch at retail in Europe on July 11 and in North America on July 25. Digital versions of boxing and baseball will drop on the eShop days after the North American release on June 26 in North America and June 27 in Europe.