Guild Wars developer NCSoft will soon be bringing a Sci-Fi MMO to your PC, as Wildstar is hoping to extend its shelf life with CCP’s payment plans.

In the traditional MMORPG sense, Wildstar is everything you can hope to play. Two factions rule the land – The Exiles and The Dominion. Skill based game play puts this MMORPG straight into the Action category, and you can take that action to the battlefield in your Guild’s “Warplot”, constructing a fortress to survive the harsh landscape. What does Wildstar have to do with EVE Online, you ask?

CCP’s EVE Online will allow you the option to pay for premium game time with a currency called “PLEX”, available for a sum of in-game gold that most people can’t muster until they’ve paid for EVE for a few months. CCP keeps the game afloat with low entry costs, and wins the hearts of many with the prospect of playing the paid title for free. With NCSoft already owning what has long been considered one of World of Warcraft’s only major competitors in Guild Wars, they can only benefit from the adoption of EVE’s system and the addition of C.R.E.D.D. to the title should keep players around for many years. For more details on what Wildstar has coming, check out this super aggressive hype video, courtesy of the official YouTube Channel.