With a short list of conflicting quotes, Mortal Kombat X may feature microtransactions for the first time in series history, continuing a triple-A industry trend.

We certainly love the work that NetherRealm Studios is putting into the coming Mortal Kombat title, which is set to include Factions, new “tower” fights generated hourly, and a host of new characters in a 25 year time warp into the future. While you may have seen our initial reaction videos as NetherRealm’s trailers launch announcing these features, no one in the world knows how Mortal Kombat X will be received at launch, though we have an idea about a few features that give us a classic love-hate relationship with the title.

Of course we love the all-new and dynamic aspect of Factions, we love taking on the world in a new level of competition and feeling like a part of something much bigger. We love the highly sought after Collector’s Edition copies of the game – though a Sub-Zero version could make it even better. Certainly we also love the inclusion of Goro back into the fray of ‘Kombat, but we wish he wasn’t simply a pre-order exclusive. Things get a bit more sour, depending on your perspective of NetherRealm including microtransactions, and of course that depends on their inclusion of these transactions at all.

When asked point blank about the inclusion of microtransactions in the coming Kombat title, NetherRealm Studios marketing manager Brian Goodman said that the company wasn’t ready to talk about it just “yet”, implying that they may at some date shortly ahead. Typically when a company doesn’t have anything to say about their game, or they want to dismiss a rumor because there’s no chance it hits their title, they can simply say that it’s not a feature. In speaking on the subject, here’s Goodman’s official quote.

“We are not releasing any details on that yet. Nothing to say about microtransactions yet.”

Obviously this is not a full dismissal, implying that the game may feature microtransactions, but what could they be used for? With microtransactions used commonly in 2K Sports titles such as NBA 2K15 and WWE 2K15, microtransactions are mostly used for buffing up characters, but MKX won’t feature custom characters. Alternatively, WWE 2K15 did have a roster full of players to unlock, something that it shares in common with Mortal Kombat. Additionally, former Mortal Kombat titles featured an unlocks system for characters that wasn’t as straight forward, hiding characters among a “Krypt” of coffins. If currency is earned to unlock the characters in this way, characters could be randomized in the coffins with loads of extra goodies like artwork and levels to unlock. This adds longevity to a fighting game after you’ve already conquered the story line, but does also lend itself to a shady form of microtransaction if players choose to gamble their way into unlocking new characters in this method.

Nothing is solid as of today, but we’re reaching out to NetherRealm for confirmation on microtransactions and we’ll keep you updated right here on PowerLeveled as we learn more.