If you’re looking to upgrade that old PC because you want to get in on some of the hottest tech in the industry, but that old Windows 7 system isn’t cutting the mustard, don’t worry – you’ll be upgrading for free to Windows 10 this year.

Available as a promotion to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 owners, those interested in upgrading to the new Windows 10 platform can upgrade for free. Not to be confused with the old Windows 95 and Windows 98 platforms by adding another “9” somewhere, the coming version of Windows will forego the natural chain by skipping to 10, and brings loads of new features that gamers in particular may love – or so Microsoft claims.

Stepping away from the widely hated Start screen, Windows 8.1 users may be happy to find a more contemporary start menu as seen in every Windows version before the Windows 8 series. For some, this is enough to upgrade from 8.1, but Microsoft is offering much more for free in the coming year’s update. We can look forward to a new version of Direct X game rendering software, labeled as Direct X12. On tap as well, your Xbox One and PC/Tablet can become better friends than ever as cross-platform play within the Windows ecosystem is opening up. While that doesn’t mean everything you think, it does mean that we’ll be playing together from the PC to the Console, and playing those Xbox One exclusives with your PC if you own both systems.

Of course this isn’t the full list of Windows 10 details, and we’ll get there soon, but the knowledge of a free copy of Windows 10 for those who need an upgrade is a fantastic move by Microsoft. Those who are interested in the free upgrade will have one year from the promotion’s opening date to make the jump before the offer is lost in time.