There is a reason that Windows won’t be stepping backward into the Windows 9(x) era – it’s making too many leaps forward. With integration into the Xbox LIVE platform allowing for cross-platform play for the first time ever, Microsoft is stepping up its competition against Sony in a big way.

While discussing the major changes between the Windows we know and the coming Windows 10 platform, Microsoft detailed some of the major reasons why the next Windows platform will rightfully skip “Windows 9” and head straight on to 10. One most prominently valuable to us here at PowerLeveled is the integration of the Xbox LIVE platform on the PC. No, we’re not talking about Games for Windows LIVE, but rather a true integration where players on the PC can now play with those on the Xbox One and vice-versa without any special software.

Demoing this technology today using Lionhead Studios’ Fable franchise Microsoft’s Phil Spencer talked about some sweeping changes that will bring Xbox LIVE to all Windows PCs and mobile platforms in a usable sense.

“Today people are playing games on more devices than ever. With Windows 10 we wanted to focus on those gaming scenarios across devices. We think enabling people to play multiplayer games on Windows 10, across Xbox One and Windows 10 will unlock the potential of Xbox Live.”

As this technology enables cross-platform play, the core to this setup is in Windows 10 on the Xbox One. Yes, Windows 10 is coming to the Xbox One – though it won’t look identical to the PC version. Integration between these two platforms will blur the line yet again between PC and console gaming, but the real question lies in the Xbox LIVE application market. It may be safe to assume that only item purchased through the Xbox LIVE Market can be played on Xbox LIVE as a result of piracy issues on the PC, but how will this fare for Steam, and conversely Xbox LIVE on the PC? Look forward to our dive into the debate on Xbox LIVE on PC very soon by following us on Facebook and Twitter for more information.