Hey Survivalist! With all of the great news we have been hearing about Alpha 12, how could we not be excited for it’s release? The game is still in Alpha 11 and just last week patch 11.5 came out; and with it a few tweaks, fixes, and additions. The one and only addition in A11.5 had to do with the loading information during startup. There has been a handful times when I was waiting for the game and it took a little longer than normal. This usually happened after a new patch release that this would have been handy so I had an idea that my game had not locked up. With that being the only new addition to the A11.5, everything else was geared towards optimization and bug squashing.

Well I promised you “winter is coming” and this looks to be the case. Straight from Joel’s tumblr account where he likes to spill the beans on what’s going on, he has slipped us a couple weather shots. Just looking at these few shots I can’t wait to jump in to A12. The different stages of weather is going to add so much more to the immersion of the game. As for now we will have to settle for it just looking pretty because Joel informed us of that it’s peerly cosmetic. In a later update weather will eventually affect your health/wellness such as freezing and overheating.

Ready to take your reinforced concrete base to the next level? Well, steel forts are here in alpha 12. You will be able to upgrade your base with steel, making it the ultimate zombie proof base… well almost zombie proof. Where would the fun be if they absolutely could not break in?

Some of the guys got side tracked while working on the mini bike physics to offer us a surprise. New grades of alternate ammo will be on the way. As you can see, in the pic below is a flaming arrow which is a steel arrow upgraded. There will also be iron and old stone tip arrows. It also looks like there are shotgun slugs. All the upgraded ammo types will be unlocked by schematics or rare loot.

The Mini bike is still a big priority and here is a quick pic of it in action. looks like some of the animations are now in place, because in the last video the hands did not grab the handlebars yet.

As always we look forward to more updates from the Fun Pimps for 7 Days to Die. You can always check out their official website 7daystodie.com or check back here at PowerLeveled.

Full List of Alpha 11.5 Release Notes

As always we cannot guarantee its compatibility with old saved games. If you experience any problems please reinstall the game and start a brand new game.


  • Added loading information output on startup so users know the game is still loading


  • Changed improved loading time for clients with 5 or more GB of RAM
  • Changed Dedicated server write less data to disk resulting in performance gains with more players
  • Changed Improved dedicated server CPU usage


  • Fixed serverside EAC connection so it doesn’t stop authenticating players after a long uptime
  • Fixed the Bleeding debuff exploit
  • Fixed Wood log spikes are taking damage when placed
  • Fixed bug where rockets deal terrain damage if they hit a zed/player
  • Fixed bug where pipebombs make doors move

Known Issues

  • Linux builds: Only 32 bit engine supported (has been this way since Linux has been introduced