In case you’re missing out on our many articles regarding World of Speed, Slightly Mad Studios and are working together on an arcade style MMO racing title set to change the way you think about team racing. With the drift being just as important as the pole position, your team won’t just be striving for first place this time around, but rather look to work together for the greater good. Enjoying a new partnership with Curse Sites on, you can now find out everything you want to know about World of Speed and contribute to the knowledge with an all-new Wikipedia style information hub.

With new screenshots and information coming out nearly every week since announcement, this hub is a fantastic portal for those who want to be in the know on World of Speed. While we’ve been covering the information for months here on PowerLeveled, you’ll find a complete compendium of information on the new Gamepedia, even as we continue to cover the title here. Look forward to more information on World of Speed, and if you would like to contribute, feel free to do so on the official Gamepedia pages right now.