Given that Bungie is eliminating all proper methods of spawn camping against Hive, Vex, and Cabal in Destiny, we are all changing our methods of preparing for our weekly raids. The Loot Cave is gone after the latest hotfix, leaving loot chest loops as one of the best methods for grabbing gear in Destiny today. While our method from the Beta test is still fairly effective in terms of loot chest runs, this is the best way we know where killing enemies and grabbing loot chests combine.

While on a patrol mission on Mars, just straight ahead of your spawn you will find Vex and Cabal fighting it out for neutral territory in a valley. This valley spawns one to two loot chests in a fairly consistent loop, each chest spawning between zero and 30 seconds from the pickup of the last. Described in the video below, minus two spawn points, YouTube user “ColdFront X _” walks you through the loop and its basics. We’ll detail what he misses just below the video.

39 Seconds: Coldfront should be looking to his left in the video here, as a chest may spawn by the satellite dish atop the building he was standing on.

58 Seconds: When walking into this bunker-style building, Coldfront should have checked outside the door just off to the right. There’s a small corner piece here which may spawn a chest as well.

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