If you’re passionate about English racing scenes, My.com has a prize for your enjoyment. World of Speed will include the Mini Cooper S, and developer Slightly Mad Studios has dropped all the good for your pleasure.

With a small host of video content and screenshots, feast your eyes on one of the many vehicles at your disposal for four-on-four mayhem in the coming free-to-play racing title. The Mini Cooper S features a stock 6-speed Manual Transmission running through a 1.6 litre inline four cylinder engine. Pushing 172 horsepower through the front-wheel drive system, this beauty packs 177 lb-ft of torque, making it a nice and peppy ride for your tight-cornered circuit races.

Look forward to more from My.com and the Slightly Mad Studios team as World of Speed approaches launch. Sign up today for a first look in the Beta test, or for more details, visit WorldofSpeed.com.