World of Warcraft will be reaching a significant milestone with their 10 year anniversary this November. To think that 10 years ago we were just figuring out how to play the class you randomly chose and exploring Azeroth. The game has evolved greatly since those early days and has seen four expansions with a fifth on the way. At it’s peak WoW maintained 12 million subscribers, but has seen a steady decline since 2011 and now only has a mere 6.8 million subscribers. That’s nearly half of the players leaving, but still leaves it as one of the most played games in the world.

Well, for those that still love to play WoW or have been looking for something fun to happen, Blizzard is going to tap into your nostalgia by bringing back a bit of the past. For a limited time only, Blizzard will run a new Battleground in the spirit of Tarran Mill and Southshore wars from the past and add a 40-man Raid Finder version of Molten Core for max level players. Oh and they are going to light some Corgis on fire…



Alright, they aren’t actually setting Corgis on fire. Instead, just by logging in for the event, you will receive your very own Molten Corgi.

Anyone who logs in during the 10-year anniversary event will also be able to claim a feisty, fiery new pet: the Molten Corgi! Just think of the corgi-parade potential when you and your friends summon these wee waddling balls of fire for a walk.

Tarren Mill vs. Southshore: The Rematch


In the early days of WoW, there were a few places where the Horde and Alliance would clash. One of those places was in a mid level zone where a Horde town (Tarren Mill) and an Alliance town (Southshore) were close together and had quests for both factions in the area. This was also a contested zone on PvP servers which meant just being in the zone allows the opposite faction to attack you. Do to the proximity of the two towns, and a reasonable amount of hate towards the opposite faction, players would grieve low levels players and cause an all out war between factions in the area.

This was before the implementation of Battlegrounds and was a good source of PvP if you craved to fight the Horde or Alliance. Blizzard is going to attempt to recreate that with their new Battleground Tarren Mill vs. Southshore: The Rematch.

If you engaged in PvP early on in WoW, you might have fond memories of—and perhaps a few scars from—the endless tug-of-war between Horde and Alliance players at Tarren Mill and Southshore. To recapture that feeling, we’ll be opening a Team Deathmatch–style Battleground based on that timeless struggle. However, unlike the old days of Tarren Mill vs. Southshore, there will be a clearly defined victor, so you’ll need to work as a team or face crushing defeat.

One of things not mentioned about the new Battleground was how many people would be able to play it? Luckily, Holinka took to Twitter to answer that question.

100 v 100 is an amazing number and should bring back some of the feel of PvP 10 years ago with multiple 40 man raids battling it out near Tarren Mill. Holinka also noted that the old Honor System will be in affect and allow players to level up to higher ranks and be worth more points. Just so you know, you need to kill A LOT of people to make it to Grand Marshal or High Warlord…trust me…I know.

Molten Core Gets Boosted

Molten Core was the first true raiding instance in WoW and for some it is either a fond memory or a nightmare from long ago. Molten Core was a 40-man instance that introduced new boss mechanics (living bombs, curses that need to be cleansed, spatial awareness, etc.), attunement, Tier 1 gear, and rep grinding to unlock the final boss. Guilds would spend weeks upon weeks farming the instance to gear up 40 people to even have a chance at taking down Ragnaros. They had to craft and farm fire resist gear and plan out fire resist buffs so that players could even stand in his presence. The raid also depended on the majority of the 40 people not fucking up so that the entire raid wouldn’t wipe on a boss and reclear trash. To commemorate that struggle, Blizzard is introducing a 40-man Raid Finder version of Molten Core for max level players.

Molten Core provided many WoW players with their first taste of WoW raiding. For the anniversary celebration, max-level players will be able to participate in a special 40-player Raid Finder version to relive the experience of hunting down Ragnaros and his minions within his fiery lair. Downing the Firelord will earn you an Achievement and a special Core Hound mount reward (fireproof leg armor not included).

Once you defeat the new and improved Molten Core, you’ll receive and outrageously large Corehound mount for your troubles along with an achievement. But remember that this is for a limited time only, so come November by ready to take on the Firelord so you can claim your prize.

CH mount

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