While we’ve known about Sony, Blizzard and others under attack all day long today, hacktivist group LizardSquad is claiming ownership of attacks on Microsoft servers right now, with the service becoming “Limited” in connectivity within the last few minutes.

As scattered reports of Microsoft’s Xbox LIVE service have come down on Twitter and other social media, and Sony’s PlayStation Network has been out for most of the day, hacking group Anonymous and group LizardSquad are taking ownership of all that is console gaming with distributed denial of service attacks.

Seemingly in following with the threats made after Twitter user and anonymous member @FamedGod, Microsoft is indeed next up in the line of attacks made with the intent to “teach people a lesson” about low-security protocols on these major infrastructures. As a follow-up to the 2011 fiasco that still plagues Sony today, we’re seeing spastic outages in our gaming networks, upward to complete region-wide outages.

The official Xbox LIVE Service Status page now displays LIVE as “Limited” for social and gaming, as well as LIVE core services as attacks continue. Are Anonymous and LizardSquad working together? We aren’t sure, but the FBI is currently undergoing investigation.