Not much of a shocker here, but a slight blow to the gamers that love to import games. Microsoft has confirmed that the Xbox One will be region specific and follow country regulatory guidelines for releasing games in that region. This means that we can’t import a game from another country like Japan for instance that may have only been released in that region and play it on a US console. You would have to have the Japanese console in order to play that game.

“Similar to the movie and music industry, games must meet country-specific regulatory guidelines before they are cleared for sale,” A rep from Microsoft confirmed. “We will continue to work with our partners to follow these guidelines with Xbox One.” – Digital Trends

The is a bit of hope though. Microsoft will allow game studios to decide whether their games will work across different regions. Region locking consoles in nothing new, but gamers got a taste of freedom with the Playstation 3 since that specific console was region-free. There is no word on the region-lock status on the Playstaion 4 however.

Sources: Joystiq, Digital Trends