The Xbox One has a release date set for November of this year – that much has been clear for many months. Today, Microsoft has let loose the official release date for it’s next flagship console, November 22nd, 2013.

Featuring an eight core “Jaguar” processor, with 8 GB of RAM, Blu-Ray disk player, and a 500 GB hard disk, the Xbox One is built very closely in architecture to that of the PlayStation 4 – set to launch just one week ahead of the Xbox One on November 15th. Having recently announced support for eight simultaneous controllers on the Xbox One, versus only four on the PlayStation 4, it’s hard to imagine Microsoft pulling ahead in the early stages of the console race, even though this is one of very few features that separate the units. With a lackluster marketing strategy, a seemingly weaker launch lineup, and less support for their independent developers prior to the launch, the Xbox One has a tough road to climb in this generation.

Of course considering Sony’s massive comeback last generation to win the overall global market outside of the USA, victory is not out of reach for Microsoft. This is a marathon, not a sprint after all.