When it comes to hot titles, Level-5 has molten lava on their hands with Yo-Kai Watch this holiday season.

Including figures of both digital and physical unit sales, developer Level-5 has shipped out over 10 million copies of Yo-Kai Watch to consumers and retail chains world-wide and has become a long-standing hit. Beating out the likes of Pokemon in 2014, Yo-Kai Watch is gaining steam on U.S. shores as well as other international markets showing its true strength as it makes its way out from Japanese fame.

Recently interviewed by Venture Beat, Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino explained why he feels Yo-Kai is such an extreme success.

“The foundation is the best quality game that kids can play on a game platform. At the same time, we made sure to include features and functionality that adults can enjoy as well.

When you combine those two elements, Yo-Kai Watch is something that not just kids, but the whole family can enjoy together.”

With no end in sight to the success of Yo-Kai Watch on international shores, Level-5 could be enjoying great sales for the foreseeable future.