Originally a crowd-funded project, the Oculus Rift has come a long way from humble beginnings. Available for Pre-order on January 6th, virtual reality is primed for the main stream.

While keeping shy on the details, the Oculus team revealed today that pre-orders for the most widely known virtual reality headset not yet on the market will open very soon. Pre-orders for the Oculut Rift open concurrently with a Reddit.com “AMA” session where you can ask the Oculus team anything about the headset and its apps before locking in your cash on a pre-purchase.

Included with every Oculus VR headset, you’ll enjoy the absolute most impressive VR experience I’ve ever had the fortune of playing. EVE: Valkyrie will be included free with every pre-order. Atop that offer, you’ll also be enjoying “Lucky’s Tale” a cute adventure title. For those unfamiliar, EVE: Valkyrie takes place in the EVE: Online universe. This space flight combat simulator showcases the best of the technology by turning you into a real, traditional pilot. Without the constraints of a screen, flight simulators aren’t boring because your screen is as full-motion as your head, allowing you to have full control over the way you see the world around you.

Pre-orders have yet to be priced at this time, but can be made on the official website at oculus.com when available.