Announced by Twitch.TV today, the first official title for live streaming your mobile games is hitting the app market in Asphalt 8: Airborne for iOS.

Setting the standard for live stream content, Twitch.TV has brought us every sort of gaming on the live stream service, including the interactive Twitch Plays Pokemon, last month. Making a foray into the mobile market just months after their work on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Twitch now exists as the premiere live capture service for mobile devices, and will allow its streamers the use of not only game play, but their built-in camera while streaming. Spoken word won’t go unnoticed on the mobile platform, as included in the mobile development kit, Twitch has allowed for the microphone of your phone to work for the stream – an essential feature for user interaction.

Though Asphalt 8 may not allow for Twitch archiving – much like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions – it does allow for a wave of next-generation mobile games. With Twitch.TV at the helm of live-streaming services, expect to see this feature come strong over the next few months to your iOS and Android markets. With this change, and the inclusion of cross-platform gaming on Google Play Games there’s no stopping mobile, and no telling how long it takes for the platform to be taken seriously.

Download Asphalt 8 on Android or iOS for the complete experience, available now. Asphalt 8 is also available on the Windows Store, Twitch not included.