With the free-to-play model evening itself out in market share through the last year or so, it’s hard to come by a decent new game – much less on the console. Here to be your hero, you can soon play a fully free first-person shooter on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, coming this year.

Stepping through the gaping hole left by Planetside 2’s glaring absence on PlayStation 4, both consoles can now play one of the strongest free-to-play shooters on the PC. Available for Windows PCs since 2011, APB: Reloaded will be ready to play for anyone who owns a PlayStation 4 online with or without a PlayStation Plus subscription. Unfortunately due to a policy in effect from Microsoft, APB: Reloaded players on the Xbox One platform will still require an Xbox LIVE subscription, but won’t enjoy any special perks as a result.

Packing in PVP fights that can boast up to 100 players at once, the massive multiplayer world of APB: Reloaded will allow players to fight for free, earning some in-game items completely free. As with any free-to-play titles, APB: Reloaded will also offer paid content, including gear, vehicles and various customization to your character. Look for APB: Reloaded on the consoles this Summer, as it is slated for the second quarter of 2015.